May 2

6 Steps to Get the Most out of YouTube

Written by Chris Adams | posted in Online Marketing, Social Media, Technology | 4 Comments

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1. Keyword Rich Name

The name of any video you post to YouTube should be a keyword, the same type of keywords you might target for a search engine optimization campaign. The keyword should be roughly 2-5 words, not overly generic, and relevant to the subject matter of the video. If the title of your video exactly matches the query someone searches then there is a much better chance your video will show up near the top of the results.

Let’s take a look at some quick examples:

  • Good title: “Phoenix Short Sales” or “Phoenix AZ Short Sales”
  • Bad title: “Phoenix Short Sales – Phoenix AZ Short Sales” because it has 2 keywords combined into the title which dilutes the effect of what we are trying to accomplish

Optimize YouTube Videos

2. Start the Description with Your URL

YouTube only shows the first line of the description, requiring users to click “Show more” to see the rest of the description. If you want more people clicking through to your website, then make the first line your website URL.

3. Add Contact Info to Description

Make sure the description includes your phone number, email address, and physical address (if applicable)

4. Add Lots of Tags

YouTube limits you to 500 characters total in your tags section, try to use up all the space, but use it wisely. They also limit the length of each tag to to four-words in length. The more tags, the more YouTube search results your video will show up in.

5. Find Friends

Find new friends by searching specific keywords (real estate, realtor, etc.). In the search results click the username, then click “Add as Friend” which is directly underneath the yellow “Subscribe” button.

6. Map the Location of Your Video

Want your video to show up in local search results and Google map results? Then make sure you map it.

  • Harsh Agrawal

    Hey thats some handy tips…. Specially I never took advantage of tags.. will be editing my old posts to make it look better…

    • Chris Adams

      Thanks for stopping by! It seems the tags are often the least loved, I notice a lot of videos only have one or two.

  • Coach James | Success Books

    Great tips, Chris…. I also like your post format BTW… looks good.

    I too never thought about taking full advantage of the tags.

    • Chris Adams

      Thanks for stopping by!

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