Sep 24

Are Javascript, iFrames, and Flash Bad for SEO?

Written by Chris Adams | posted in SEO | 2 Comments

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If you WANT Google and the other search engines to see what’s on your website, don’t use Flash, Javascript, or iframes. That’s not to say Flash, Javascript, or iframes are useless, they are actually very powerful web technologies. But, unless you want your content invisible to the search engines, don’t use them.

Flash bad for SEO

Where You Run Into Trouble

By and large using these technologies is completely fine, but here’s where people run into trouble:

  • When their entire site is built off of Flash or their navigational menus are Flash
  • Huge portions of the website are iframes
  • Javascript in key locations, such as navigational menus

When to Use These

The technology exists for a reason, because it’s useful, here are some ways to use Flash, Javascript and iframes without interrupting your SEO campaigns:

  • Flash is well suited for videos, small interactive online games, and ads. This leads to another SEO point, don’t you want your videos crawled and indexed by the search engines? Yes, and the likes of Google are working on this but the technology is still at a very early stage.
  • While it’s not perfect, iframes are often used as part of real estate IDX solutions. We say not perfect because you actually want search engines to see and crawl the listings for sale, but for most websites it’s simply not feasible.
  • Javascript is used a number of different ways, such as tracking clicks and visitor activity data.

  • Gabe Sanders

    Thanks for the excellent information. I’m now going to look a little more into some of your advice.

  • David

    Most real estate marketers are now using IDX feeds and if your not you are missing out on a very powerful tool. As clearly stated in this article, if the data is not embedded into your website, Google will never index the page.

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