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  1. Guest Blogging Email Tips & Templates posted July 1, 2012

    The Email Pitch
    Pitching to a blogger is identical to anything else that can be “pitched” – just because it’s online doesn’t mean you’re not dealing with people. Because of this, the same offline rules apply for the online world. Trying to get the guest blogging opportunity is the same as trying to close [...]

  2. DIY REALTOR SEO Guide #5: Article Directories posted April 2, 2012

    Action Steps

    Action Steps
    1. Setup Accounts on these Article Directories
    2. Decide What to Write & Write It
    3a. Post the Articles
    3b. Add Links to Each Article
    4. Apply Content Promotion Strategies

    Extra Credit
    Take it up a notch and have 12 articles written for you (i.e. outsource it), instead of writing six for yourself. Rotate the postings [...]

  3. DIY REALTOR SEO Guide #4: Social Media Profiles posted March 26, 2012

    Another easy and inexpensive way to build backlinks to your website is through social media profiles
    Not only does this method work, but it also has the added benefit of controlling your brand in the search engines. This is important since you don’t want to leave those search engine results up to chance because [...]

  4. DIY REALTOR SEO Guide #3: Website Directories posted March 19, 2012

    Website directories are great because they require minimal effort and can provide very nice dividends and can even be the end-all SEO solution for some websites (but not many).
    One VERY IMPORTANT fact to keep in mind: as with many SEO strategies you need portion control. Having 1000 backlinks from directories all over the world [...]

  5. DIY REALTOR SEO Guide #2: Making Your Site Google Friendly posted March 12, 2012

    To make your site Google friendly, you have to start at the lowest common denominator, which are the pages that make up your website.
    Make each page Google friendly and now you’ve got a website that’s Google friendly. Being Google friendly is just another way of saying it’s easy for search engine spider robots to [...]

  6. DIY REALTOR SEO Guide #1: How to Pick the Right Keywords posted March 5, 2012

    Don’t be fooled, keyword research may sound boring it is VERY critical. Getting this right will make all your future SEO efforts much easier to plan and implement. But if you get this wrong you’ll realize 6-months down the road you need to start all over.
    Are there such a thing as ‘good’ and [...]

  7. Social Media Badges posted February 6, 2012

    Want to add some social media badges to your website and other web properties? Check out the list of free images, badges, and icons below.

    Photobucket –


    Realtown Badges –

    LinkedIn – – –
    JustinParks –

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  8. The Difference Between Title Tags and Meta Description Tags posted January 6, 2012

    What should be the difference in content between the title tags and meta description tags in search engine optimization?
    At a very basic level both the title tag and meta description tag should have your target keyword(s) in them. Although you don’t want to over do this, placing the keyword once (maybe twice) in each [...]

  9. The Most Important Thing On a Webpage for Search Engines posted December 12, 2011

    What’s the most important thing on a webpage for search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo?
    The most important element of a given webpage on a website is the title tag. The title tag is at the most general level, the title of the webpage. Search engines like Google place a high value on [...]

  10. Finding New Blogs to Comment On posted September 28, 2011

    Why Blog Comment?

    Establish yourself (or your brand) in your industry
    Get new website visitors
    Interact and built relationships with top bloggers
    Help the search engine optimization of your website

    How Will Blog Commenting Help My SEO?
    Blog commenting will help the search engine optimization of your site as long as you leave [...]

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