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  1. Real Estate Outsourcing posted April 17, 2015

    Updated April 2015
    If you’re not outsourcing, you should be. There is no way you can be doing EVERYTHING and still be efficient, let alone make any money. Outsourcing especially makes sense for tech related items, prospecting, and any number of menial tasks such as data collection. Here are some great items to [...]

  2. Tech Tip Tuesday: Direct Messaging on Twitter posted November 5, 2011

    Increasing your following on Twitter and engaging that following are not exactly easy tasks. One quick tip to engage all new followers is to personally respond to their following you with a direct message. The direct message should thank them for following you but should also give them some kind of call to [...]

  3. Tech Tip Tuesday: Easy Facebook Fan Pages posted August 31, 2011

    Earlier this year Facebook cut support for the static FBML in Fan Pages in favor of iFrames. Now it’s easier than ever to create a custom fan page, and it can be done almost entirely within WordPress. All you need to do is download this plugin: and check out this in-depth tutorial [...]

  4. Tech Tip Tuesday: 3 Video Sites That Help Your SEO posted June 10, 2011

    Video websites can do more than generate website traffic, exposure, and leads. They can also be beneficial to your search engine optimization efforts. Here’s a list of three video websites that actually help your SEO. – Allows dofollow links in video description – Allows dofollow links in video description – Allows nofollow links [...]

  5. Tech Tip Tuesday: iPad Browsers posted April 26, 2011

    Own an iPad? Frustrated with the default Safari web browser? Even if you’re not currently annoyed with the Safari browser, here are some reasons why you should be:

    Can’t play flash-based videos
    Not easy to share things on Facebook and Twitter
    No multi-touch gesture support
    Can’t search for specific keywords within a web page

    3 other browser choices

    Mercury: our [...]

  6. Tech Tip Tuesday: The Google Site Search Operator posted April 19, 2011

    Have you ever come across a website with NO search capability? Or maybe you’re looking for something very specific on the website that is not readily available in the website navigation. Both situations can be easily solved utilizing Google’s “site:” search operator.
    What’s a “search operator?” A portion of a search query that modifies [...]

  7. Tech Tip Tuesday: Going Beyond Google Analytics posted April 12, 2011

    Google Analytics is one of the most used analytics platforms amongst websites for one simple reason, it’s free. Free is certainly a very tempting proposition, but the old cliche still rings true, nothing is free. In the case of Google Analytics you’re giving them a lot of information for a very small cost [...]

  8. Tech Tip Tuesday: The Google Related Search Operator posted April 5, 2011

    Finding competitors and websites similar to one another is not exactly easy… unless you are using Google’s very handy “related:” search operator.
    What’s a “search operator?” A portion of a search query that modifies your search in some way. Google’s “related:” search operator will find websites and webpages similar to one another. So if you’re [...]

  9. Tech Tip Tuesday: Sign Up With HARO posted March 29, 2011

    We’re starting a new series here at Red Tiger Training entitled Tech Tip Tuesday – a concise weekly tip on getting the best use out of the technology you already use. Here’s the inaugural tip:

    Sign up with Help-a-reporter-out (HARO)
    Why sign up? Free PR.
    Click here

    With HARO you have the opportunity to extend your brand’s [...]

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