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  1. Real Estate Outsourcing posted April 17, 2015

    Updated April 2015
    If you’re not outsourcing, you should be. There is no way you can be doing EVERYTHING and still be efficient, let alone make any money. Outsourcing especially makes sense for tech related items, prospecting, and any number of menial tasks such as data collection. Here are some great items to [...]

  2. 6 Steps to Get the Most out of YouTube posted May 2, 2011

    1. Keyword Rich Name
    The name of any video you post to YouTube should be a keyword, the same type of keywords you might target for a search engine optimization campaign. The keyword should be roughly 2-5 words, not overly generic, and relevant to the subject matter of the video. If the title of [...]

  3. 5 Cheap & Portable Cameras for REALTORS posted February 16, 2011

    The cheapest camera/camcorder that gets the job done but still looks good: Kodak Zi8. The only other real contender in this category is the infamous Flip UltraHD. While the Flip is certainly a worthy contender, the Kodak has some aspects that make it an obvious choice in our mind.

    Doubles as a camera (although [...]

  4. Photo Editing Software for REALTORS posted December 9, 2010

    Real estate agents who list a lot of homes invariably take a lot of pictures. While cameras aren’t exactly cheap, it’s nice to know that the image editing software IS – how does FREE sound?
    We took each of the following free online imaged editors for a test drive, giving you insight into which work [...]

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