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  1. WordPress for Real Estate (DIY Website) posted May 1, 2015

    Updated May 2015
    This WordPress for real estate guide is geared for real estate agents or those looking to build their own WordPress based website. Building a WordPress site for your real estate business isn’t exactly cake, but it’s massively easier and cheaper than alternative routes. With that being said, the goal here is to build [...]

  2. Compress Your Images for Faster Site Load Times posted August 14, 2010

    There are 3 free services available online that make it easy to compress images and make them more web friendly. They still aren’t anywhere close in terms of advanced options but still good for most people.

    Webresizer (this one compressing the best)

    Image Size Matters
    What all of the image editors (detailed here) were lacking: a save for [...]

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