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DIY REALTOR SEO Guide #3: Website Directories

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Website directories are great because they require minimal effort and can provide very nice dividends and can even be the end-all SEO solution for some websites (but not many).

One VERY IMPORTANT fact to keep in mind: as with many SEO strategies you need portion control. Having 1000 backlinks from directories all over the world isn’t going to help at all – if anything it will be a negative. In other words, you shouldn’t sign up for more than a few website directories.

A website directory is the same concept as a blog directory with one exception: the best website directories often cost money. Some directories are better than others, for instance websites with a higher PageRank (PR) and relevant to your industry (i.e. real estate) are going to be your better choices.

Action Steps

  • 1. Gather the Necessities: which includes your website URL, title of your website, tags for your website, description of your website, and a logo or image of you.
  • 2. Submit Your Website to
  • 3. Submit Your Website to

Action Steps EXPLAINED

1. Gather the Necessities

Before actually submitting your blog to the directories there are a few items you’ll need to gather first.

  • Your website URL
  • Title for the website
  • Tags for your blog
  • Description of your blog (1-2 sentences, what’s your blog about?)
  • Have a logo or image of yourself ready to post along with your blog

2. Submit Your Website to

  • Dmoz is very picky about which sites they let into the directory, but getting in can be very valuable. The most important thing to keep in mind is to narrow down to the deepest possible category for submission. For example, if you’re a real estate agent in Scottsdale, Arizona, then don’t try to submit your website to the “Arizona” category, instead submit it to the “Scottsdale Residential Agents” category.
  • Click here to get started

3. Submit Your Website to

  • Choose “Regular Link”
  • Don’t Choose “Regular Link with Reciprocal”
  • Click here to get started

Extra Credit

If you have some extra money to spare, consider submitting your website to the following directories:

Printable Guide

DIY REALTOR SEO GUIDE: Website Directories (Printable Guide)

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