Jun 15

DIY Realtor SEO Guide #8: Your Real Estate Blog

Written by Chris Adams | posted in DIY SEO Guide | 1 Comment

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The process of building backlinks to your website is great, but you’ll also need to be doing something on your site as well to keep the visitors coming back on a consistent basis. Which means you need a blog. A blog is intimidating, especially knowing that you’ll need to be creating new posts on a consistent basis. But don’t let that hold you back, check out the action steps below to help you start and maintain a blog.


  • Time Commitment: 1 hour/week
  • Projected Expenses: $0
  • Want the the printable check sheet? Leave a comment at the end of this post!

Action Steps

  • 1. Write & Post 2 New Articles Each Month: it’s easiest to write them in advance and schedule them to be posted
  • 2. Apply Content Promotion Strategies to each blog post you create, click here to learn more.

Action Steps EXPLAINED

1. Write & Post 2 New Articles Each Month

  • Write the first 2 articles ASAP and post a new article to your blog every 2 weeks
  • Continue writing two new blog posts each month
  • Make sure you are posting the articles to your blog and not an ActiveRain blog or anything of that nature, otherwise you will not be building up your website
  • Can this be outsourced? While we don’t recommend outsourcing your blog posts it is not out of the question, click here to learn more about outsourcing.
Common Questions & Problems

  • I don’t know what to write about: Email me for the giant list of topics.
  • I’m not a good writer! You might not be a Shakespeare, but many people are interested in your unique perspective (especially prospective clients).
  • I can’t spell or my grammar sucks! You have colleagues, friends, parents, siblings, cousins, children, etc. Send them a copy, ask for a review of the spelling and grammar.

2. Apply Content Promotion Strategies

Extra Credit

  • Write 4+ new blog posts each month instead of only two
  • If you are running a self-hosted WordPress blog then download and install the ComLuv plugin(click here) to encourage more readers to interact with you on your blog by leaving blog comments

  • Mario Micheli

    Great starting point. Looking forward to your checklist and other posts.

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