Feb 21

Do You Need Multiple Facebook Business Pages?

Written by Chris Adams | posted in Online Marketing | 0 Comments

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Our first recommendation is to keep everything consolidated. Let’s look at an example where this works best: a real estate agent who is selling both traditional listings and short sale listings. While the agent could certainly create two separate Business Pages it doesn’t make sense because it will require more time managing two versus one Business Page. By consolidating you save yourself A LOT of time.

Let’s look at another example: a real estate agent selling short sales and also running a side business in home staging. While these two businesses are complimentary to each other, they are targeting different enough audiences to justify two separate Business Pages.

So if the two businesses (or specializations) are within the same industry then consolidate your Business Pages into one account. If the two businesses are not in the same industry then you’ll benefit by having two separate Business Pages.

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