Apr 16

Don’t Get Banned

Written by Chris Adams | posted in Online Marketing, Social Media | 0 Comments

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If we could just ignore these sites we would, but we can’t. These social media websites play a part in how search engines rank your site, and can bring a tsunami’s worth of traffic to your site in one day.

But users on these sites hate spam and will often perceive self-promotion as spam. If they think you’re spamming their network not only will they cancel your account but might even ban your website from ever appearing on their site in the future.

What do we mean by ‘self-promotion’? That is, promoting content that provides you with a direct benefit of some kind. It’s not that self-promotion is outlawed, but heavy self-promotion will get you into trouble. Sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon may ban your website outright, but Twitter generally doesn’t take such a hard stance. Instead you’ll notice a lack of followers instead for over self-promotion.

Follow These Steps to Keep you account from getting banned

  • At the broadest level, be an active member of the community (at least somewhat)
  • Promote two pieces of someone else’s content every day (i.e. digg it, stumble it, reddit, retweet it)
  • Keep at least a 10:1 ratio, 10:1 meaning promoting 10 pieces of content that is not your own to promoting 1 piece of content that belongs to you

Here’s What We Do

The best way to get involved in these social media spheres (as well as any others) is to integrate them into your daily workflow. Here’s how we integrate them into our daily routine:

  • Wake up, grab some coffee and breakfast
  • Spend 1/2 to 1 hour checking news from our RSS feed aggregator, or other online services (like reading the morning paper)
  • Whenever we come across a good story/article, we do a couple things to it: we digg it, we stumble it, reddit, and retweet it (the actual process only takes 1-3 minutes)
  • We end up doing this to 3+ articles each morning
  • In addition, we head over to Digg.com, and Reddit.com – pick out one article from their home page and leave a quick comment on it (takes roughly 7 minutes total)
  • We repeat the entire procedure at the end of the day too.
  • With out routine as outlined above we usually only promote 1 of our content pieces every 2-3 days.

Make the process painless

Want to make this as quick and painless as possible? Download the AddThis add-on to your Firefox browser – it allows you with one click to digg, stumble, reddit, and retweet. It’s one of our favorite and most used Firefox add-on.

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