Sep 28

Finding New Blogs to Comment On

Written by Chris Adams | posted in SEO | 1 Comment

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Why Blog Comment?

  • Establish yourself (or your brand) in your industry
  • Get new website visitors
  • Interact and built relationships with top bloggers
  • Help the search engine optimization of your website

How Will Blog Commenting Help My SEO?

Blog commenting will help the search engine optimization of your site as long as you leave your website URL in the “website” field (most bloggers allow this), you will receive a backlink to your website. Having a high quantity of high quality backlinks is the key to a successful SEO campaign.

3 Key Points on Blog Commenting

  • Some blogs don’t allow you to link back to your site (ignore those if you’re only looking for the SEO benefit of blog commenting)
  • Comment on blogs that allow dofollow links because they provide more credit in Google’s eyes than nofollow links
  • Comment on blogs that are CommentLuv friendly because they will also include a backlink to your most recent blog post (great for attracting more website visitors)

How to Find Blogs to Comment On?

The easiest thing to do is search “top 10 (your industry) blogs” in Google. From there you can check the blog rolls of each respective blog to find more blogs. For those who are looking for lists, here’s a list of lists – websites that accept CommentLuv blog comments and some which are dofollow.

  • Franziska San Pedro

    Hi Chris,

    I love the tips -have to check out your suggested links now. I am using CommentLuv and everyone loves it (including myself of course). One of my twitter buddies tweeted the link to your blog, just to let you know where I came from.

    Always grateful for some good suggestions :-)

    Franziska San Pedro
    The Abstract Impressionist Artress

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