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Guest Blogging Email Tips & Templates

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The Email Pitch

Pitching to a blogger is identical to anything else that can be “pitched” – just because it’s online doesn’t mean you’re not dealing with people. Because of this, the same offline rules apply for the online world. Trying to get the guest blogging opportunity is the same as trying to close any other type of deal. Here are 3 sites that provide pertinent information on pitching bloggers.

Email Pitch Templates

Feel free to use the following templates but here are 2 quick rules:

  • Add your own voice
  • Mix things up, don’t send every single blogger the same cut-and-dry template

Template 1


My name is __________ and I am a real estate agent in ________ (city, state). If you are interested in getting a unique real-estate related article for your site, just let me know – I would be happy to do it for you.

You can see a sample of my writing here:

 __________ (your blog URL) 

 and a few other places if it matters.

Anyway, just let me know if you would be interested in having a unique article contributed to your blog – I would be excited to get the chance.

Best Regards,
_____ (your name)
_____ (your phone number)

Template 2

Hi there,

My name is _____ and I run a real estate related blog, __________ (your blog URL). I’ve just found __________ (bloggers website URL) a couple of days ago and really think it’s well put together. I was hoping you’d be interested in a guest post about _______ (topic). I’d promote my guest article by posting links to it on my social media profiles as well as linking to it from my external resources page.

Please check out my site and let me know if we can work together.

Best Regards,
_____ (your name)
_____ (your phone number)

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    Great email pitch templates you have published here. I agreed. Looking forward to your coming articles.

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