Apr 6

Monitor Your Brand Name and Monitor Your Keywords

Written by Chris Adams | posted in Branding, Online Marketing | 0 Comments

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QuarkbaseQuarkbase is great because it provides a comprehensive set of statistics and data on any given website or webpage all in one place. All of it is freely accessible as well. Here’s the data it provides and its usefulness:

  • Find out how much traffic the website receives with Alexa rank and Compete unique visitor counts
  • Social media popularity on Digg, Delicious, Reddit, and Twitter
  • ID the most popular pages on their website
  • Read the latest blog posts about the website
  • See the newest Tweets
  • Handful of data on who runs the website, where it’s hosted, and competing websites

How would you use this data? For one, it would provide invaluable data for your SEO or social media campaigns because you can identify which articles and pieces of content were the most popular. It is also a great way to keep tabs on your competitors.


SocialMention Need rich and real time analysis of a given keyword or brand name? That’s where SocialMention fits in perfectly. Why use SocialMention? Make it painlessly simply to be part of the conversation on ANYTHING. Maybe that’s your favorite baseball team or a relevant keyword to your niche. Another great reason: keep track of what people are saying about your brand. If they are saying positive things you can jump in there and thank them, or if the conversation is negative you can try to rectify things.

Try it out, head over to Socialmention.com and search for a keyword related to your niche like “Phoenix real estate.” You’ll quickly see what we mean by rich analysis with data like:

  • Reach and range of influence
  • Sentiment (positive, negative, neutral)
  • How often the keyword is mentioned and when it was mentioned last
  • Who’s talking about the keyword
  • Where the keyword is being mentioned across the web
  • All the mentions in real-time, so you can quickly jump into the conversation

SocialMention takes things one step further with alerts – they work the same way as Google Alerts and will notify you via email whenever you need to know.


WhosTalkin Track the blogosphere with WhosTalkin.com. There are a few items that make WhosTalkin unique and different from a direct competitor like SocialMention and that is WhosTalkin.com’s emphasis on blogs. They track WordPress.com blogs, MySpace blog, FriendFeed, and BackType blogs – a few different places that SocialMention does not cover. WhosTalkin also makes it easy to search video websites, photo websites, and forums with a couple clicks.

Another neat feature is the “Talk Meter” which gives you an indication of the popularity of the given term, and how often it is being discussed (SocialMention has a similar “Strength” metric).

How They Compare

Each service has its own pros and cons. Quarkbase is great because it gives you a broad overview of a given website which is powerful for your SEO and social media campaigns.

WhosTalkin and SocialMention are both great tools for your social media campaigns and one cannot necessarily be recommended over the other because they both have distinctive data points they provide. If anything WhosTalkin and SocialMention should be used as a duo to get a more accurate image of the social media sphere.

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