Oct 26

Nofollow vs. Dofollow Links

Written by Chris Adams | posted in SEO | 0 Comments

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On the web there are 2 types of “links” the ‘dofollow’ variety and the ‘nofollow’ variety.

According to the search engines if a link back to your site is nofollow then it carries with it “no juice;” that is to say, it is not passing any value. A dofollow link does the exact opposite, it carries juice back to your site. But our opinion is that the search engines are putting up a smoke screen, and believe a nofollow link is still great, but not as good as a dofollow link.

We think the really issue isn’t whether the search engines give value to nofollow links but how much and when. For one, search engines expect to see nofollow links linking back to any given website, and that in some instances, search engines will credit your website for having a nofollow link.

Our final position is that a link is a link. If you can get a ‘dofollow’ link then take it, but it doesn’t make or break an SEO campaign.

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