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Real Estate Outsourcing

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Updated April 2015

If you’re not outsourcing, you should be. There is no way you can be doing EVERYTHING and still be efficient, let alone make any money. Outsourcing especially makes sense for tech related items, prospecting, and any number of menial tasks such as data collection. Here are some great items to outsource, and do so at a significant cost and time savings to yourself.

What Can You Outsource

  • Craigslist posters/manager
Craigslist Posters

  • Social media managers
  • Email managers (i.e. drip email)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Be careful not to hire spammers, unlike other outsourced initiatives, you won’t see the results of these efforts until everything is set in stone (i.e. after the fact), which could mean your website getting blacklisted from the search engines

  • Search engine marketing (i.e. PPC)
  • Graphic designers and artists

  • Creating specific images for your website, blog posts, etc.

  • Content creators

  • Writing blog posts for your site
  • Writing guest blog posts
  • Writing content for your social media profiles

  • Website design and creation

  • Be careful who you choose – we see people pay for junk all the time!
  • If you are on a budget, consider installing the WordPress CMS on your server and then choose a theme (i.e. website design), prices for themes usually range between $0 and $200
  • A lot of hosts can install WordPress on your behalf, or Page.ly installs WordPress automatically
  • If you need your theme customized, consider hiring an outsourcer for that task


Where to Outsource

Outsourcing sounds like an easy enough concept, and it is. There are a great number of sites out there where you can find HIGH QUALITY freelancers. These are the most used, and overall best places to use.

UpWork (formerly oDesk)


  • When you submit a request you tend to receive a lot of interviewees, which gives you a lot of options
  • Option to bill things on an hourly basis, which is great for long term projects, and allows you to pay the freelancers upon completed work
  • Not many American freelancers to choose from, most are from India, Philippines, etc.
  • Upwork.com



  • Projects only, no billing by the hour.
  • Elance.com

99Designs or crowdSPRING


  • Great place to find graphic artists, website designers, logo designers, and other graphics focused freelancers
  • If you want to build a custom website for less than $1,500, either of these 2 sites are great choices
  • 99designs.com
  • crowdSPRING

Choosing the Right Freelancer

Knowing what you want to outsource, and finding the people is the easy part. Choosing the best freelancer can be a bit of a trick. Expect some trial and error, but that’s 100% ok. One of the great things about outsourcing work online is that there are plenty of freelancers to choose from, and getting up and running with a new freelancer takes just a few minutes. So if you feel like you hired the wrong person, it is easy and quick to move on. With that being said, here are some indicators of success, and good questions to ask your freelancers to minimize the chances of choosing the wrong freelancer.

  • Do not base your decision off the tests that a freelancer has taken, these tests tend to be a very bad indicator of future success
  • The best indicator of a competent freelancer is previous work history, and their ratings from other users

  • This is a double-edged sword because the more experience a freelancer has the more they charge
  • To get the most cost effective freelancer, hire someone who is fairly new but has work experience that meets your request very closely

  • Be wary of freelancers who have a lot on their plate (i.e. working on a lot of other projects)

  • Find someone with the experience you’re looking for, but only working on 1-3 projects additional projects
  • Ask about their school schedule and any upcoming final exam periods

  • Cheaper is not always better

  • Some freelancers will charge 1/2 rate but end up taking twice as long or more to complete the same amount of work
  • Don’t be afraid to fire a freelancer, it is a better usage of your time to find someone who can complete the work, instead of having to train them

  • Weekly reports

  • Always request the freelancer provide you with a weekly report on the activities they’ve completed thus far

  • Requesting bids for a project

  • Allow for at least 3 days for bids and applications to come in
  • Some of the best contractors we have worked with were found later in the process

  • Hire multiple freelancers for the same project

  • This won’t work in every case (i.e. coding a website), but for most other tasks this works great because it allows you to test out a few freelancers to sees which one understands and the work and finishes the work quickly
  • Should you find a freelancer that doesn’t understand the work, is unresponsive, or otherwise not a good fit, it is easy to discontinue the project with virtually zero downtime

  • If possible, do the work yourself before hiring a freelancer

  • Why? Because it will give you a better idea of the freelancer’s performance and efficiency
  • Sometimes this won’t work because you’re requesting work to be done such as web programming, design, etc. If that’s the case, be very picky in your selection of a freelancer, only choose someone who has plenty of verifiable history

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