Apr 26

Tech Tip Tuesday: iPad Browsers

Written by Chris Adams | posted in Tech Tip Tuesday | 2 Comments

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Own an iPad? Frustrated with the default Safari web browser? Even if you’re not currently annoyed with the Safari browser, here are some reasons why you should be:

  • Can’t play flash-based videos
  • Not easy to share things on Facebook and Twitter
  • No multi-touch gesture support
  • Can’t search for specific keywords within a web page

3 other browser choices

  • Mercury: our favorite because it supports multi-touch gestures, meaning you can swipe back to visit the previous page, it’s easy to share things on Twitter and Facebook, and you can search for specific keywords within a web page! Don’t think multi-touch is important? With Safari the MLS here (ARMLS) was basically useless because so many features could not be utilized. But with Mercury’s multi-touch it unlocked a lot of those functions.
  • Atomic: very similar to Mercury, but better multi-touch gestures.
  • Skyfire: 5x more expensive than the previous two apps but it allows you to watch Flash based videos on a variety of websites, although Flash apps, games and ads still will not work.


Our Recommendation

For those who ABSOLUTELY need Flash, Skyfire is the best route. Otherwise, Mercury is your best bet and our personal favorite.

  • http://twitter.com/AdrienneSmith40 Adrienne Smith

    I want an iPad so bad… I wish I had this problem you mentioned but guess I need to get me an iPad first. Man I hear they are really cool but if I go to the store and just pick one up, I’ll walk out with that baby and it’s just not in my budget at the moment. But soon my friend, real soon.

    • http://redtigertraining.com Chris Adams

      I admit, I really do enjoy the iPad – but I think Apple has a few kinks to work out in making it less of a content consumption device and more a content creation & management device (like a laptop). Then again, maybe they don’t want that anyway. ;)

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