Mar 14

Using Trulia in 7 Steps

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1. Your Profile

  • Fill out your profile to near 100% because it implies to potential clients that you are serious about your business
  • Use a real photo of yourself

2. Add your websites

  • Make sure to use keywords in the “Web site title”
  • If you have more than one website, add them all
  • Add links to your Twitter profile and Facebook Business Page
Trulia Websites

3. Add every Location in your coverage area

  • To access this: go to “Edit profile” then expand the “Personal information” tab then click the “Add another location” link for every city in your coverage area

4. Answer Questions on Trulia Voices

  • Answer at least 5 per week
  • Integrate social media: click the “Share” button to promote the question and your answer on any of the social media platforms (especially Twitter)
  • Integrate Facebook: after you’ve posted your answer, copy and paste the question + your answer to your Facebook business page
Trulia Blog

5. Setup Trulia Voices alerts

  • Setup notifications every time someone asks a question in your coverage area
  • Go to “Email preferences” within your profile
  • Set the email frequency to “As it happens”
  • Get more leads by being the first to answer

6. Start a Trulia blog

  • Post teaser content that redirects readers back to your website (i.e. generate traffic)
  • Don’t make this your primary blog – the blog on your website should be primary!
  • Posting once a month is sufficient
  • Click the “Post to Facebook” and “Post to Twitter” links to promote the blog posts there as well (the more your content is syndicated, the better)
Trulia Blog

7. Add Your Listings

  • Only if they don’t automatically syndicate to Trulia from your MLS or broker

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